My Goals For March 2018

My March 2018 Goals

Did anyone else feel like February was kind of a roller coaster?

If you can relate, you can’t see me but I’m giving you a virtual high five because I’m a giant dork.

March kind of feels like a time of freshness to me. It’s a new month and a new, beautiful season (both literally and, for a lot of people–me included–metaphorically).

This seemed like an awesome weekend to just sit down, set some goals, and decide what I want March 2018 to look like.

Here are some goals I’ll be striving towards for the next month!

Read 30+ minutes a day

This one will require actually figuring out what I want to read. If you have any recommendations, LET ME KNOW. Seriously, I’m kind of at a loss and overwhelmed by the sheer number of books out there.

Side note: do you know about Thrift Books? It’s the only place I buy books from because it’s so freaking cheap. You get free shipping on orders of $10 or more, and $10 will usually get you like 3 books. I once got a textbook from them for $7.00. An earlier edition, but still.

Check them out.

Connect 1 on 1 with 8 Different People over Coffee or…Drinks

Being in Colorado and away from all of my college friends has given me a new appreciation for authentic personal connections with other people.

For awhile I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I wasn’t making friends, and then a few weeks ago it hit me: I never sought out one-on-one time with my acquaintances.

It was partially because I hate being vulnerable and putting myself out there, and during one-on-one moments there’s no one else to hide behind.

And, it was partially because I thought I didn’t have the energy. I’ve always thought I was super introverted and that the answer to my tiredness was more alone time. Turns out, I’m a lot more extroverted than I used to think and a lot of days that alone time was actually tiring me out more.


By the end of March I hope to have had one-on-one connections at least once with 8 different people.

(Ironically) Drink less coffee

I love socializing over coffee.

I love the sudden spike in alertness.

The taste.

The smell.

The warmth.

The process of making it.


But I also want to not be dependent on it anymore.

Admittedly, I “quit coffee” about four times per year. And I always go crawling back. To tell you the truth, I don’t really expect this time to be any different, but for now I know I don’t really need it. So I’m going to cut back and hopefully only be having caffeine a couple times a week by the end of March.

My March 2018 Goals

Spend time with God every day

Sometime during the past 6 months I forgot about the richness of spending time with Jesus every morning, and I just sort of stopped doing it.

This week was pretty crazy and I turned to God out of simple necessity, and it came back to me why I used to want to start and end my day with Him and basically get all of the time with Him I possibly could.

So, one of my goals is to be with Him every single day, whether that’s for five minutes or three hours. Whether it’s spent praying, reading the Word, worshiping, or something else.

3 Strength Workouts and 1 Cardio workout every week

This one is pretty self-explanatory.

I go more in depth about my fitness routine in this post.

Write in fitness tracker every day

Okay, you guys, I made a food and fitness tracker. It was partially to help me keep track of my own fitness progress, and partially because I love my readers and want to help them reach their goals, too.

It spans 12 weeks and there’s a place to track your workouts and meals every single day.

And it’s pretty.

Click here if you’re interested in getting it for free!

(Try to) go to everything I’m invited to

Basically, my goal is to say yes to everything. I only have 4 months before I head back to Texas, and I want to absorb all the Colorado I can, whether that’s parties, people, nature, or experiences.

Write daily

Whether it’s a blog post, personal journaling, progress on my novel, or working on a post for Sutra (I just started writing for this super cool company and so far I’ve written one post for their blog), my goal is to write every single day. I’m not going to set a specific word count goal because that stresses me out and makes me not want to do it at all.

So, I’m simply going to write daily.

So, that’s what my March looks like.

I’ll try to remember to check in sometime in April and write a post about how my goals went.

What are your goals for March? 🙂

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  1. Hi there, I love your posts and I was pleased to see we have the same middle name. I to have a tedancey to spend to much time alone. And while that can be beneficial time with God, i also understand we weren’t ment to be alone. Anyway I’m very pleased I found your blog, but in reality I know it’s a gift from God my yeshua.

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