Switching It Up (Again) + 83 Songs To Add To Your Worship Playlist

I’ll get the boring stuff out of the way first.

Lately I’ve been feeling the pressure to post twice a week…which started out as Not That Bad™ but became more and more like an obligation that I didn’t want anything to do with.

I basically started this blog as a form of worship. I had a desire to make it professional–which was meant to be a way to glorify God in and of itself, since I want everything I do for Him to be done with excellence–but with that came the push to treat it like a profession (read: job ((read read: chore))).

So, I’m going to go back to my roots when it comes to this thing and post only when I feel led to. Maybe that will continue to be twice a week, maybe not. It’s my hope that that will help me keep my focus on quality, not quantity, and that this blog will be even more helpful to you in the future.

I do appreciate the fact that you’re even reading this post right now, and I appreciate the fact that you care enough about Confidently Approach to be here in the first place.

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The Part You’re Probably Here For

Elevation Worship: Resurrecting, Evidence, Fullness

Tow’rs: December, Circles

Hillsong: Like an Avalanche, Mercy Mercy, Let There Be Light, What A Beautiful Name, Elohim, Here With You, Gracious Tempest, Stay And Wait, Grace to Grace, Anchor, Pursue/All I Need Is You, Open Heaven (River Wild), I Surrender, Aftermath, All I Need Is You

Kim Walker-Smith: Throne Room

Jon Thurlow: Storm All Around You, Jesus You’re Beautiful, When You Walk into the Room, Strong Love

Amanda Cook: Kind, Bitter/Sweet

Kings Kaleidoscope: Come Thou Fount

Leeland: 139/Dead of Night, Lion and the Lamb

Sidewalk Prophets: You Love Me Anyway

MIKESCHAIR: Let The Waters Rise

Lindy Conant: Great Expectation

Carleigh Conant: Beautiful and Glorious

Seth Yates: Strike the Ground

The City Harmonic: Solid Rock, Holy (Wedding Day)

Citizen Way: How Sweet the Sound

Fee: Everything Falls

Jeremy Riddle: Sweetly Broken, Fall Afresh

Tasha Cobbs: Break Every Chain

Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Nothing Is Holding Me Back, I’m A Lover Of Your Presence

Phil Wickham: You’re Beautiful

Jesus Culture: Everything And Nothing Less, Set A Fire,

Bethel: Faithful To The End, Colors (Spontaneous), Give Me Jesus, Spirit Move, Shine on Us, Have It All, Be Enthroned, Thank You, Heaven Come, For the Cross, Wonder, Sweet Praise

Jonathan David Helser: Find Me

United Pursuit: Let It Happen, Speak to the Silence, Lay It All Down, Since Your Love, Need You More, Feeling Low, I Can Tell, Leave This House Singing, Take Back, Your Love Is Better, Pilgrim Days, Your Love Changes Everything

Shane and Shane: Psalm 34 (Taste and See)

Sean Feucht: Make Me a Lover (Norway)

WorshipMob: Downpour, Love Outran Me, Satisfy

Red Rocks Worship: 23

Kim Walker-Smith: Relentless Pursuit

Kristian Stanfill: Holding My World, Always

Cory Asbury: Faithful To The End

Harvest Bashta: Song of the Lamb, Only One

I would love for you to comment and tell me some of your favorite worship songs! I’m always looking to update my music!

Until next time,


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4 thoughts on “Switching It Up (Again) + 83 Songs To Add To Your Worship Playlist

  1. Great idea about writing as God directs rather than as a calendar dictates! I am always interested in your journey, as it benefits mine as well.
    A lot of the music selections are new to me, but I will start checking them out.


    1. Thank you! It’s led me to take something of a hiatus the past month or so, but I think it’s going to be healthier for me mentally. And I hope you like the songs!

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