The Falcon

Hello again. Might I just say, that blank, bored expression looks absolutely gorgeous on you.

I think by now we’ve all heard about the Charleston shooting. If you haven’t, pick a news source, any news source, and head over to the front page. It’ll be there.

Racism is not dead. Not in America, probably not anywhere. Maybe this is what it took for a lot of us to get that. After hearing about what happened, my heart broke. That is absolutely devastating for everyone involved. I wondered at the ability of the families to look Dylann in the face and forgive him…and then I realized that the God we serve is HUGE. He is more than able to work even this for good.

So, you know what? I’m praying that this guy would become the Paul of our generation.

I realize that his motives were racial, rather than religious or anti-religious, but it’s obvious that he doesn’t know Jesus.

Let’s remember that Paul, the author of most of the new testament, killed a LOT of Christians. And then let’s remember how big our God is.

So I would invite you to pray with me that God would break through to Dylann Roof, that he would change his heart and fill him with love for people of all races, that he would be a force for good.

Think about what a huge f u that would be to the forces of darkness, and how much glory to God that would bring.

Let’s acknowledge that God can do whatever he wants, that nothing is impossible. If you agree and want to see this happen, I would invite you to pray with me. Let’s cry out to God to let this situation become a force against racism, against darkness, against hatred. Ask the Christians you know to join us.

I cannot even begin to imagine what those families are going through. They must be feeling so many things right now, but I’m praying that fear is not one of them. I want them to know that God is mighty to save both spiritually and against the physical presence of darkness in the world. I pray that they would not be afraid for a second to worship with their brothers and sisters in church, that nothing of this world would have any kind of stronghold over them.

This morning a powerful woman of God gave a sermon at my church that was heavily centered around this topic. The podcast hasn’t been posted yet, but if/when it does I’ll try to remember to post it here, because I honestly think everyone should hear it.

She pulled from 2 Kings 6:8-17. Even if you don’t get a chance to listen to the sermon, I definitely think that passage is worth reading, because it’s CRAZY and God is crazy, and it really just spoke to my heart that God is big, he is powerful, and he is strong.

Love conquers all.

God is love.

We are on the winning team.

Just as I was pondering that (I was on a golf cart at the country club I work at, driving to one of the golf courses), I saw a peregrine falcon.

I don’t know how common falcons are to Texas, honestly. I tried Googling it and couldn’t really find a straight answer. What I do know is that I had never seen one in real life before today. It was perched on a small sign marking the golf course, only a couple of feet from the trail I was driving on. As I passed it, it took flight and kept pace with me for a few seconds before disappearing into the trees.

Immediately I knew that this falcon was important.

God speaks to me a lot through symbolism. It makes sense, since the Bible is full of it. So I looked up the symbolism of falcon sightings, feeling deep in my heart that God brought it to me. Here’s what I found:

Falcons are symbols of victory and rising above a situation.

In European culture the falcon is considered a warlike symbol.

At its core, it represents visionary power, wisdom, and guardianship.

Falcons are all about focus–strong, one-pointed focus.

I found all of that here.

To me, that’s pretty straightforward. We are on the winning team. Love. Conquers. All. We can have confidence in that.

That falcon is for me, for you, for the families of the victims in Charleston. It is for everyone who has ever been a victim of racism. It is for everyone who has ever been hurt by the powers of darkness. I know that because I know how the story ends. It ends with Jesus returning in glory and power and taking back what’s his. It ends with victory. It ends this war against evil and (spoiler alert), Jesus wins.

We can rest in the power, wisdom, and guardianship of our God.

We need to keep our focus (strong, one-pointed focus) on loving each other. We need to stop worrying about the details and start fighting for the cause Jesus died for.

Evil won’t win because it can’t. Racism won’t win because it can’t.

As a country and around the world, I hope the situation in Charleston would continue (as it has been, if you’re following the story) to bring us together as one human race. I hope it would be fuel for a new and passionate Christian movement that cannot be quenched.

I don’t know about you, but the thought of it gives me chills.

Until next time,


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