My Top 10 Songs for January 2018

How are you liking 2018 so far?

Personally, it’s felt suspiciously similar to 2017.

Not a bad thing. 🙂

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been bumping on Spotify lately. Some of these songs are old (some of them are old) and some are new. Maybe you’ve heard them before, or maybe not. Either way, I wanted to share them with you!

Song 1: “Live in the Moment” by Portugal. The Man

This one has the carefree, skater feel that Portugal. the Man has become so famous and loved for, while the lyrics are moody and almost melancholy.

In short, it’s a paradoxical gem, and it’s the song I always go to when I need a song to play in the car.

Song 2: “Summerland” by Coleman Hell

It sounds nothing like 2 Heads, that one song of his that got famous about 5 years ago. But I think it’s even better. This is one that will make you feel like you should be going on some Secret Life of Walter Mitty-esque adventure.

One of my favorite things in a song is when a chorus of voices is mixed in with some really good guitar. And Summerland has that.

Song 3: “Lighthouse” by Secret Nation

Slow and sad, yet the lyrics are empowering and encouraging. And it has a good beat.

Stand up tall as you can and scream out
Raise a glass to all those who try to bring you down
You’re a lover, a fighter, a catch the world on fire
When all the lights go out
You’re a lighthouse

Song 4: “Heartless” by The Fray

If you’re wondering if this could possibly be a cover of “Heartless” by Kanye West, the answer is it absolutely is, yes. I like Kanye as much as the next person, but The Fray managed to turn this into a song that you can study and cry to.

At the same time.


Song 5: “Bartholomew” by The Silent Comedy

Similar in sound to Summerland, this is another song you can play the next time you go on a long trip and need something to play while you look out the window and think rebellious thoughts.

Or if you’re ever getting ready to fight someone.

I’m not here to judge, only recommend.

Song 6: “Parachute” by Chris Stapleton

Any country fans out there????

Yeah, me neither.

At least, not typically. I’m all about that “fake” pop country that you hear on the radio.

But Chris Stapleton is not that, and yet…I love him. He’s good, real country that you will probably like even if you don’t typically like country.

And Parachute is what I consider to be his best song.

Song 7: “Bloom” by The Paper Kites

You know how Spotify recently did that thing where it let you see all the songs you listened to in 2017, and then it chose a “song of the year” for you?

Bloom was my top played and, according to Spotify, my song of the year. And I’m not mad about it.

It’s very sweet and slow sounding, nothing at all like my last 6 song recommendations. One of my friends considered walking down the aisle to it at her wedding.

It’s quality.

Song 8: “So Young” by Portugal. The Man

I bet you can’t guess what my favorite band is.

This one is my all-time favorite by them. It’s the one I requested while being driven home on my 21st birthday (meaning slightly impaired Jenna can also endorse it).

Live in the Moment is my current fling, but “So Young” is my ride or die. It’s not quite as happy-go-lucky sounding as Live in the Moment.

One of the genres Portugal. The man fits into is psychedelic rock…and honestly, I’m not a genre stickler, so I have no idea what that means.

But if I had to pick a song that embodied psychedelic rock, this would be it.

Song 9: “Weight of the World” by Jon Bellion

I’m a lover of both contradiction and Jon Bellion’s music.

This song starts out slow, sweet-sounding, and acoustic, saxophone included.

And then it very suddenly launches into a rap verse by Blaque Keyz right at the end, and I love it.

Here’s a snippet I found about the meaning of the song:

“Weight of the World” describes a difficult time of Jon Bellion’s life. Negativity and temptation led him to consider ending his life, but he miraculously found God who saved him.

Though Bellion cannot bear the weight of the world alone, he still manages to live out his life because God is by his side to lift up the weight of the world from his back.”

Song 10: “She’s a Lady” by Tom Jones

If you’ve ever seen Miss Congeniality, you’ll recognize this one.

I’m not incredibly learned in music made before the 90s. I literally came across this one watching Miss Congeniality.

The point is–stop judging–the point is, it’s amazingly catchy and I highly recommend putting some shades and headphones on and listening to this while you walk down a busy street in slow motion.

top 10 songs

This will hopefully become a monthly segment here on the blog, so come back in February for some more song recommendations!

Let me know in the comments if we share any current favorites, or if there’s a song you recommend that’s not on this list.

Until next time,

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