The Meaning of Life

What is the Meaning of Life?

That’s a good question, my friend.

We are bombarded our whole lives with the message that life is about going to school so that you can get into college so that you can get a job so that you can get married and support your kids so that THEY can go to school so that they can…

And on and on.

The truth is, we were made for so much more.

In the beginning, God and humanity had a perfect relationship. Humans walked alongside their creator; He was their God, they were His people. Then sin entered the picture and separated us from God. The wages of that sin is death (Romans 3:23).

Because God so loved the world, however, He didn’t sit back and let us die. He sent His only Son in the form of a human–Jesus–to take on the entirety of our sin and die in our place on the cross. His death was the payment for our sin.

Three days later He rose again! Anyone who puts their faith in Jesus is given new life–their sins are taken away forever and they get full access to communion with God. They are redeemed. God will never leave them or forsake them.

That is the story of how God saved the world. That is the story you and I were born into, and each of us gets to decide if we want to be saved from death–or not. We get to decide if we will live out the plan the God who created the universe has designed for their lives.

The meaning of life is found when we lay our lives down. Counter-intuitive, I know.

Jesus said that whoever lays down his or her life for Him will find it. He invites us into knowing Him more and more every day, and I hope Confidently Approach will help you do that!